• Ring Of Power

    By Steve Zaluski. Installed at Parkway Plaza, Westbury, N.Y.

  • Portfolio

  • Hello, My name is Steve Zaluski, a mid career international artist who creates paintings, mobiles,sculptures, music, performance art installations and videos all around the world. Most of my outdoor sculpture is kinetic, moves in the wind….


    As an intellectual, emotional and spiritual quest to create and express myself through a variety of art forms and materials… a never ending desire to be original and to create something new and meaningful.

    I live for adventure! I’ve been surfing in Fiji, Australia, Costa Rica, Puerto Rico and both east and west coast of the United States. I love the ocean. I water-ski, sailboard, fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving and snow skiing wherever I am in the world. I love to explore, meet new people, and make music, dance and have tons of fun!!!

    I create to entertain myself and for others enjoyment. I love my life and this big blue planet of ours…riding the waves of my dreams and success!!!